Wednesday, November 4, 2015

No Room At The Inn - Episode 26 - The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders With Mary & Blake

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.05 of The Leftovers entitled, "No Room At The Inn."  In this episode you'll learn all about: Matt Jamison's sanity, Matt being a reliable narrator, Grace Under Fire, Karma, projecting your intentions on Mary, selfishness vs. selflessness, Science vs. Faith, the greatest Brian Davids thought of the week yet, fleshing out the camp outside of Miracle, how Job continues to be a defining factor, Bridezilla, The Leftovers learning from past mistakes, the flood and Noah, intentional parallels with Two Boats and A Helicopter, the reemergence of William Butler Yeats,  the talk, and much more.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for providing the details and the leftovers from the episode 26. No room at inn is one of the classical and thrilling shows I have witnessed on TV after a long time.